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Asphalt is made up of a combination of rock, sand and liquid asphalt cement; the glue that binds everything together. There are many elements that continuously break down the asphalt cement, causing the binding of the asphalt to weaken, gradually loosening the surface. Sealcoating your driveway with an asphalt sealer will re-introduce that liquid binder to aid in slowing down the oxidation and water penetration that causes the asphalt to age and breakdown. Oxidation occurs when the asphalts oil hardens during exposure to oxygen. Reducing oxygen and water exposure will greatly extend the life of your pavement. 

Proper maintenance for your parking lot or other commercial area is important to slow the deterioration of the asphalt surface. Once your asphalt is installed the aging process begins. Maintaining your asphalt at least bi-annually will greatly extend the life of your surface and save you thousands of dollars.

Aside from saving you money, properly maintaining your parking lot surface increases the value of your property and is more attractive to your customers. First impressions are very important in business and your parking lot serves as this to your guests,  make yours the best is can be!  

Anthony's Asphalt offers commercial sealcoating, crack filling, asphalt repair, line striping and stencil painting. 

We only use the area’s top asphalt manufacturers for any asphalt repair. Since every problem is unique to its location we can custom fit a solution to meet your needs. From sunken areas to raised or deteriorated spots, correcting your driveway or commercial surface only takes one call. We offer both removal/replace repairs or overlay repair. 

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