Regular scheduled maintenance is important to slow the aging process of your asphalt and in turn get the most out of the surface. Aging begins as soon as the driveway is put in due to nature's elements. Sealing your asphalt surface puts a barrier between the existing asphalt surface and the elements that cause it to break down. These elements include but are not limited to; the sun, water, weight, temperature, snow, salt, chemicals and oil.  

Anthony's Asphalt only uses a non-irritating asphalt based sealer that has no harmful coal-tar hydrocarbons. Our sealer includes a unique blend of liquid rubber and sand additives which will safely and properly seal and protect your asphalt surface. 

Sitting water and many other natural elements can cause the asphalt to expand and contract causing it to crack. Maintaining a good quality seal can help to prevent cracks from occurring. Once a crack has developed it is critical that it be sealed to prevent water from getting down into the base of the pavement. A minor crack will widen and deepen over time. We use top grade rubberized fillers to ensure a good seal however, this must be maintained as often as recommended to prevent the crack from expanding and developing into more costly repairs sooner. 

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  • ​Do not park motor vehicles with kickstands without something supporting the kickstand itself. Even a warm temperature day could allow the point of the kickstand to penetrate the surface. 
  • Parking large and heavy vehicles such as a van, motor home or RV can cause the asphalt under the tires to sink and eventually need repair.   
  • Try to not park your car in the same spot everyday. 
  • Parking a trailer with a hitch  on your driveway without support underneath the hitch may cause penetration in the surface.
  • It is best to have mulch delivered on your asphalt surface with a tarpoline under the material . The mulch can trap moisture on the surface causing it to crack or deteriorate quicker. 
  • Limit power washing your asphalt surface. Water causes asphalt to break down faster. Sealing your driveway will lock out the moisture. Forcing pressurized water into the surface will speed aging and may cause damage. 
  • Be sure your car is in motion while turning the wheel to avoid power steering marks in your surface or the protective layer of sealer. 
  • Most of all... Avoid neglect of changes in the surface by hiring a reliable asphalt maintenance professional. 

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