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Driveway Sealcoating Michigan
We enhance our asphalt based sealcoat material in our mobile storage tank. Modifying the raw material to the manufacturers specifications using premium polymerizing additives and course angular aggregate, the finished material is more durable and will last longer. The aggregate also increases traction and enables better cross linking on a molecular level. We offer two applications methods; hand application and mechanical (spray) application, but in most cases prefer to hand apply. 

In general, asphalt sealcoat is a substance that after manufacturing is priced and valued by the percentage of solid material content that is suspended or mixed in the liquid emulsion. After the "mix" cures, which is when all of the water has evaporated or has been shocked out  correctly, you are left with a thick durable coating. The thickness of the coating is directly related to the percentage of solids and the coverage rate at which the material is applied. This is referred to gallons/sqft. We have half a ton of sand added to every tank, even in our residential grade material! 

The material we use contains a sufficient solid content to be applied directly to asphalt before modification. However by modifying each tank of asphalt sealer, we invest our knowledge and expense to ensure a superior application. We pride ourselves on not only educating you but applying our skills and passion to every application. Our goal is to create and maintain a quality relationship with property owners and help each customer get the most out of their asphalt surface.
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