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'It's Not Your Fault, It's Asphalt."
DUAL SERVICE ANNUAL MAINTENANCE-One coating of sealer and cracks annually is most often utilized when new home owners acquire a property with a semi-maintained asphalt surface. This annual coating helps the property owner out off costly asphalt paving replacement as long as possible. This plan is also helpful when the surface shows moderate amounts of stone loss and visible cracks. An annual seal is an ideal plan for any property owner in Michigan because of our season changes. Asphalt can essentially be frozen in its current condition for a longer period of time, putting off repairs and even replacement. 

BI-ANNUAL MAINTENNACE (TWO COATINGS)- Two coatings of sealer and cracks on a bi-annual rotation. This maintenance plan is great for newer asphalt surfaces that was sealed 6 to 18 months after installation and continued on a consistent rotation. The bi-annual maintenance plan has maximized efficiency because there was no neglect to the surface, therefore the surface shows no sign of stone loss or large openings of the asphalt pores along with a light amount of visible cracks.

BI-ANNUAL SEAL, ANNUAL CRACK FILL-This plan is utilized when property owners notice cracks that appear much larger in the cold cycle months, when the asphalt sections contract. We mimimize sub-base failures by sealing the cracks yearly with our high solid content rubberized crack sealent, protection is also provided to temps -5 degrees.