Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my asphalt maintained?
Most often the answer to this question is every other year, or bi-annually. Every surface is different and may require yearly maintenance due to severe neglect and the porosity of the surface. Please contact us for a more customized answer to this question.

Do I have to be home the day my driveway is scheduled to be maintained?
You do not have to be home when the maintenance is completed as long as we have a signed contract and the driveway is clear of any obstacles.

Will something be placed across my driveway to block traffic after the job has been completed? Yes, we will place caution tape across every entrance to avoid any foot or vehicle traffic for the specified time. 

How long should I stay off of my asphalt surface after it has been sealcoated? Typically your driveway must remain traffic free for 24 hours. If you've opted for a two coat application please contact us for an individualized answer. Other circumstances such as weather and direct sun light can speed or slow the curing of the sealer. If you have any further questions regarding drive time please call us before you take the tape down. 

Do I need to turn my sprinkler system off before you arrive?
Yes, your sprinkler system should be turned off 24 hours prior to the scheduled maintenance and remain off for 24 hours after. 

I've just had my driveway put in. When should I begin to maintain it?
As soon as asphalt is installed it begins to age. There are many elements that cause asphalt to break down and deteriorate. In order to properly protect your new surface it is very important that you have is sealed 90 days after installation, or no later than the following year.  We can explain how to perform a simple process to indicate if your new asphalt surface is ready to be sealed, call for details. 

Are you really an owner operated company?
Yes, Anthony himself completes every job we contract. This is why we can stand so strongly behind our work and its quality!

You actually offer a two year warranty on your sealcoat? Yes, starting spring 2013 our residential customers having Anthony's Asphalt apply a double coating or two separate coatings of our High-Performance Asphalt base Sealant are entitled to our exclusive two year warranty on the materials and labor.

Do you offer discounts?
There are many ways to save when scheduling your maintenance. We offer group discounts, advertising discounts and same day discounts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more detailed information on specific savings or call us at 734-424-9553.

Do you except competitor coupons?
We will except coupon offers from other companies as long as it is still valid. Offers may not be combined with any other valid offer. Please be sure to include the coupon offer with your contract when mailing it in to ensure you receive the discount. 

Have a question that you don't see here? Contact Us! We are always here to help.
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